Mary Tomás, TN

Contemporary painter Mary Tomás captures the quiet grace of natural forms; creating restful interludes in which to contemplate her ethereal scenes and to discover the metaphoric imagery revealed within their simplicity that gives three-dimensional context to the literal, emotional and spiritual world she interprets.

Using translucent and saturated color, light and shadow, form and space, Tomás explores the cohesive and mutable relationships between the elements of air, water, earth and sky, and their parallels in human nature. Evoking serenity to inspire a meditative calm, she seeks to awaken the consciousness.

Her technique, layering thin oil washes as in the early chiaroscuro painters who used intense lights and darks to create a heightened sensorial experience, engages the viewer on a journey deeper into the canvas. The effect is a visual conversation; punctuated with the intrigue between line and form, flowing with the subtle play of light, and changing with nuances between subject and viewer.


Family Values Series

New paintings in progress metaphorically comparing family relationships with the forest trees and the interactions with each other through support, communication, uplifting, acceptance, protection, diversity and many other relationship experiences.

Creation Series

Additional Series