Juan Alberto Negroni, PR/TX

Since I arrived in the United States I have been in need of explaining where do I come from, what Am I doing here, what kind of place is Puerto Rico, how do I used to live and how different is it from where I live now. I have also been in situations where I’ve had to extensively explain details about politics, religion, culture and day by day aspects of life in Puerto Rico. Still there are things that words cannot help you explain or answer. That is why I developed a visual language and/or conversation that mimic the multi-layering and intersections of those idiosyncratic elements of my country of origin. 

Archipielagos collage series intend to metaphorically represent what happens to people that where born in one place and for some reason are forced to move to another place. Here the idea of displacement represents new sociological identities that are attached to the person’s reality. With this migratory processes, cultural hybrids start emerging and with these new cultural models and tendencies, questions about where we come from and about where others come from also star emerging.