Marshall Harris, TX

My work pulls the viewer into an intimate relationship with an object; that of really seeing something instead of just observing it. My life-size photo suggestive presentation – whether the subject is a vintage western saddle or a nude figure study – replicates life down to the most minute detail and although the viewer realizes it’s just a work of art, they are drawn closer to investigate the rendering’s accuracy. I persuade the observer to study an object the way I do when I’m creating my work, and it’s a way of “seeing” that he or she quite possibly has never before experienced. Observing something means recognizing form and dimension, or how light falls on an object to create shape and shadow. “Seeing Something” demands intense inspection and consideration of every nuance, the fold and flaw, bump and bruise, cut and scratch, down to the very last stitch or hair follicle, and it’s that introspection which grants relevance and realism to everything in our world.