Roy Tamboli, TN

Although Roy is primarily recognized for his large-scale abstract and figurative bronze and steel sculptures, he is also known for experimental and conceptual works in a wide variety of media. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country and abroad.

In some of his paintings using plaster-masking techniques, layering strata of oil paint, and juxtaposing hot and cold chroma against one another, Tamboli captures a sense of ordered chaos and unresolved geometry that articulates the protean nature of existence. “The paintings are always coming together and falling apart. Nothing is really fixed in them. It’s all sort of exploding,” Tamboli says. “I think of them as equations I’m trying to solve, but I don’t want to solve them either. I am building a place for the eyes and mind to play and discover.”

My work is largely about the greater universe, beyond  day to day normal existence. I often insert very personal stories and worldly observations into my abstractions. “Reality is this explosion happening every moment, constantly shaping everything we know. This incomprehensible energy that is creating worlds pulls me in and the overwhelming, unfathomable power, the eternal, unpredictable action ultimately surpasses all other mundane concerns. This is the realm of unlimited possibility, dynamic abundance, hyper joy and the divine. I’m interested in the leading edge of creation and participating in making this abundant, optimistic new reality each day.”




Works on Paper


Spinner Sculptures