Kenn Kotara, NC

Because I believe quality line work to be an essential component of all two-dimensional art, it was inevitable that I should integrate the activity of drawing with that of painting. Over time exploring various media and scrutinizing their effects individually and together, I find the trio of acrylic, chalk and oil pastels serve my creative pace, and allow me to accomplish the line work and effects desired.

My mixed-media canvas drawings are developed through repetition of layers – initiating a grid line or network, and responding with a series of curvilinear, meandering lines. As these strata multiply, I am directed by my perpetual curiosity, and internal dichotomy, concerning how space is designed and manipulated.

Though I do not think of my canvas drawings as political statements necessarily – pitting the natural world against urban sprawl – I am often posing what if questions about the manipulation of space as I work, which leads to layers of symbols and visual representations of certain contrasting realities.






Work on Canvas


Suspended Screen Structure